How to get website traffic quickly ?

How do I get website traffic quickly ?

Originally Answered: I need to get some organic traffic for my website quickly. How can I do that?
Traffic is the lifeline of any business. It all starts with traffic. Sure, conversions matter. But, if you can’t figure out a way to get those eyeballs onto your page, then conversions will be the last thing you’ll be worrying about. Now, we all know that we can pay for traffic. Sure. But, that’s not the only way you can get those prospects to show up.

The truth? Organic traffic converts at ten to thirteen times that of paid traffic. Clearly, when someone finds you, your product or your service organically, there’s far more motivation to purchase. Why? Because everyone knows that if Google’s vouched for you, then whatever it is that you’re selling, must be good.

However, whether you focus on organic strategies to increase the traffic to your website or paid strategies, you need to first get a lay of the land. Understanding how you can get that lucrative traffic to show up is only half the battle. Actually doing the work to get them there is a whole other ball game.

Before you do anything, you need to ensure that you’re tracking and analyzing your results. You can’t work on increasing your traffic if you don’t know where you’re starting from. Three things you’ll need here to install to track everything:

Google Analytics
Google Search Console
AMP Analytics
AMP refers to Accelerated Mobile Pages Project. It’s a lightweight framework for mobile devices. Since it’s lightweight, it needs its own analytics and doesn’t currently work off the generic analytics integration.

Once everything is humming, track your sessions and your landing pages. This way you’ll know how many actual times people visited your website and what pages they arrived through. Google Search Console will allow you to associate keywords to each of those visits, along with how often they were displayed versus how many times they were clicked through.

Paid Ads

Paid ads are an obvious approach to increasing traffic. You can simply turn them on like a faucet. But, if you’re diving into Facebook ads or Google ads or YouTube ads and so on, make sure your sales funnel is airtight. Alternative would be using specific traffic tools to obtain that traffic of yours.

This is where you need to ensure the proper landing pages and funnels that are working to convert your traffic into leads and buyers. Without that, you’re largely wasting your time.

LinkedIn article publishing

I often use LinkedIn as a platform for helping to bring awareness to a topic. LinkedIn has massive reach and it’s also what we call an authority site. When done the right way to the right audience, that article can bring in droves of traffic to your site. Use the long-form format and make it keyword specific but also relevant to the audience you’re trying to reach.

Medium articles

Medium is another wildly popular authority site that everyone has access to. Use it to post your content and help drive awareness to your business, and ultimately traffic to your site. Add value here. Use it to create tutorials or walkthroughs or other long-form content that will ultimately help your audience.

YouTube video marketing

YouTube is a powerful medium. We all know that. But, how many people are confident enough to put themselves out there and create YouTube videos? Not many. But, considering how much reach YouTube has, and the fact that it’s the number two search engine in the world behind Google, more people should leverage this platform. Find ways to make instructional videos that add loads of value. And do it often.

Get active on Reddit

Reddit is another highly popular platform that reaches a wide swath of the online world. Leverage Reddit by getting active, engaging, commenting and posting. Don’t spam. Especially in the beginning. Use tact and composure. But, slowly build a solid track record of healthy posts before promoting anything.

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